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Mama G's Story Time Song Book

Song Book Album Art.png

Listen to the album here:


Mama G's Story Time Songbook is a join venture between Mama G and the wonderful Joanna Taylor, combining a book (obvs!) and the already released album! 

The book not only contains three of Mama G's favourite stories (with illustrations by Courtney Powitz), but Joanna has written three songs for each story - and you can sing along to them using the karaoke tracks on the album or the piano music that is included in the book. 

The songs are uplifting and joyful presentations of Mama G's ethos of being who you want and loving who you are and we know that you're going to love singing them! 

The album is available to listen to now across all streaming platforms, but in order to gauge interest in the book we're going to be taking pre-orders - with the aim of having it published in time for Pride Month (June). 

You can pre-order the book, or purchase a digital copy here:

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