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School Workshops

From March 1st - 10th schools in Gravesham will have the opportunity to have a visit from members of the Sleeping Beauty cast! 

They will lead an assembly, suitable for KS1 & 2 that will explore the story of Sleeping Beauty and introduce the students to the traditions of pantomime. Afterwards pupils will return to their classes to create art inspired by what they have just seen. The cast will visit each class and answer questions / chat to the pupils. 

From April 3rd - 9th the ten best pieces of art from each school will be displayed at the St George's Arts Centre for the public to enjoy. There will be a private view of the exhibition for teachers and local dignitaries on April 3rd from 5pm.

One of the designs will be chosen to be the front cover of the show's souvenir brochure.

If you'd like your school to take part email us at - or use the chat function.

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