Red Riding Hood L&U Poster 2022.png

All Rosie has to do is take a cake to her Granny's house. How difficult can that be? 

Join Petite Pantos for a raucous panto adventure to beat those January blues! There'll be laughter, sparkles, joining in and plenty of social distancing as Rosie, Woody, Fairy Light and THREE granny's (yet only one actor) try to defeat the Big Bad Wolf.


Petite Pantos is thrilled to be returning to the Lion & Unicorn Theatre with their FIRST EVER Panto to kick off the new year with loads of fun for all the family.

Quotes from Previous Productions


"‘The entire cast of four enthusiastically worked the Denmark Arms’ multi-generational and ethnically diverse crowd from beginning to end’

- London Pub Theatres


“Mama G is the perfect host for these charming stories. She is sensationally endearing, sparkly and witty.”

- The Spy in the Stalls


"An exceptionally well written and directed feel-good show that leaves you feeling uplifted." 

- Theatre & Art Reviews (Elaine Chapman)


When I asked my kids how they’d describe it, they said ‘amazing’. When I asked them how it made them feel, they said, ‘happy’. When I asked them who they thought might like it, they said: ‘everybody!’

- London Theatre 1

"An enjoyable evening of entertainment that fully captures and celebrates the spirit of pantomime, Petite Pantos has yet again proven that pub panto can be just as fun as that at the Palladium."

- British Theatre Guide