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Mama G's Story Time Roadshow had it's first performance at the Masonic Hall in the beautful village of Cumberland on Vancouver Island, Canada. It was presented as a joint venture between Petite Pantos and Elevate.

Since then the show has been touring the UK and receiving rave reviews wherever it has been!

And it is now available to book for YOUR venue, throughout 2021.

The Spy in the Stalls - *****

"Mama G is the perfect host for these charming stories. She is sensationally endearing, sparkly and witty. The show is perfectly suited for all audiences and we as a family adored it. Now – Everybody say Love!"

LondonTheatre1 - *****

"I found myself on more than one occasion misty-eyed with just the sheer goodness of it all – nothing was cloying; it comes from an authentic place and I saw that connection in the eyes of the children."

Theatre and Arts Review - *****

"An exceptionally well written and directed feel-good show that leaves you feeling uplifted."